Driveway Slab Leveling & Crack Repair

Driveways are an important part of your home or business – both in their function and how they act as a first impression to the rest of your property.  Over time, moisture, elements, weight and other factors cause your driveway to settle, crack and become unlevel.

As your trusted and locally owned Seattle concrete repair specialist for multiple decades, 1-866-Slabjack is the answer to repairs for your concrete driveway including leveling, raising and fixing cracks.  Re-leveling large concrete slabs is much more cost-effective than replacement and doesn’t disrupt the surrounding landscape. Make the entrance to your home or business smoother and safer with slabjacking solutions and driveway leveling from 1-866-SLABJACK- serving Seattle, Kent, Bellevue, Tacoma, Puyallup, Redmond Everett and beyond.

Driveway leveling services Seattle

Leveling Driveways and Slabs

The rainfall common in the Puget Sound area creates challenges to our driveway concrete slabs and results in driveway cracking. Often we find settling near the corner connection points or where the driveway meets the structure. Sometimes water moves under the slabs causing erosion over time until a crack occurs and results in significant settling. Our process quickly rectifies this, bringing up any sunken pieces, large and small, restoring your driveway to its orginal look! We are experts in raising, leveling any sunken slabs or re-leveling a driveway without the need to replace any concrete! You save hundreds of dollars and the entire driveway will match in age and color at the end of the process.

Concrete Crack Repair Service

We offer an additional service geared towards fine crack repair and color matching which compliments our sunken slab and broken driveway lifting process. Many times cracks indicate settling and once we correct the settled slab or cracked area, the additional service will fill the cracks through a tried and true expert repair process that matches exact stones for aggregate complexion and even the base cement color. Our vendor will bring a kit with dozens of small aggregate rock colors and almost a dozen types of base cement sand that will match your existing concrete so that after we correct any settling or broken driveway slabs, the repair is seamless! *Crack repair services provided by our third-party vendor under a separate contract.

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