Concrete Crack Repair

Repair the cracks that often are a sign of sunken concrete or loose soil beneath driveways, walkways and garages. This can be a follow up service to raising concrete, lifting settled cement or a cosmetic service with our expert vendor.

We offer an additional service geared towards fine crack repair and color matching which compliments our sunken slab and broken driveway lifting process. Many times cracks indicate settling and once we correct the settled slab or cracked area, the additional service will fill the cracks through a tried and true expert repair process that matches exact stones for aggregate complexion and even the base cement color.

Our vendor will bring a kit with dozens of small aggregate rock colors and almost a dozen types of base cement sand that will match your existing concrete so that after we correct any settling or broken driveway slabs, the repair is seamless! *Crack repair services provided by our third-party vendor under a separate contract.

Contact us to find out more about fixing cracked concrete areas today – we serve the entire Seattle Area including Puyallup, Lynnwood, Redmond, Bothell, Everett, Bellevue and beyond!

Slabjack NW LLC BBB Business Review
Slabjack NW LLC BBB Business Review