Frequently Asked Questions

The key benefits to Slabjacking are:

  1. Cost – In most cases the cost of raising a concrete slab using our service will be significantly cheaper than replacement. The average savings will typically be over 50% when compared to the expensive alternative.
  2. Minimal Disturbance – Our work is usually completed in one day or less and the re-leveled concrete can be walked on immediately! Replacement requires demolition of the existing slab, form work for the new slab, pouring, and time for curing. It is possible you may be without your driveway, walkway, porch, or garage for over two weeks if you choose replacement over re-leveling!
  3. The “Green” Choice – Our  polyurethane material is comprised of recycled materials as well. Our process is simply replacing the soil which was either compacted or washed away. The alternative requires demolition of the existing slab which will end up in a land fill or costing you more money to have it recycled.
  4. We can provide our service in nearly all weather conditions – We can perform the slabjacking in the rain and in much colder temperatures than what is required for new concrete. Therefore even in the fall and winter we are able to handle all of your concrete leveling needs.

The process involves a number of steps and is simple in concept, but very complex in equipment and technique. Our experts in the field will strategically drill holes through the existing concrete where voids have occurred beneath the slab causing it to settle. Our polyurethane material is then pumped hydraulically beneath the slab. The injection of the material(s) will fill any remaining void and ultimately raise the concrete slab.

Unfortunately there is not an easy calculation for the cost of our service due to the surrounding conditions which cannot be determined prior to an on-site visit. This is why we provide FREE on-site inspection. In most cases the larger the concrete slab, the less expensive our service will be in comparison to the cost of replacement.

Our leveling service includes the patching of the holes drilled for the injection process. There are actually a number of options for repairing the existing cracks once we have leveled the concrete. We can repair just the cracks or provide different options for re-surfacing the existing slabs. If you prefer, we can recommend different materials for you to install yourself as well.

Warranties are provided on a case-by-case basis and are determined by conditions surrounding the concrete slabs. In most cases our service is a permanent fix and never requires additional work. Please ask one of our estimators for more details while he is on site to provide your free estimate.

Slabjack NW LLC BBB Business Review
Slabjack NW LLC BBB Business Review