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General information about slabjacking services:
Slabjacking is a technique for salvaging a concrete slab which has already failed by settling or sinking. Slabjacking can usually restore a concrete slab to its original elevation and orientation, but not always. Slabjacking does not result in “like new” concrete. New cracks will most likely result from the slabjacking process. The cost of grinding or patching existing or new cracks is not included in this proposal unless otherwise agreed in writing. Injection holes from the slabjacking process will be patched and made as unobtrusive as practical, but will still be evident. Protection of interior spaces such as garages, basements, etc. provided by others. Slabjack NW, LLC, Aspira Concrete Solutions, LLC, Northwest Concrete Cutting LLC, and their subcontractors and affiliates (collectively, the “Company”) are NOT responsible for any damage to utility lines, private lines, plumbing or drainage issues arising from slabjacking services. For additional information please review the "Plumbing and Utilities" section below. In addition, Company is NOT responsible for any repairs or adjustments required for doors or surrounding siding, brick, mortar, framing, drywall and landscaping arising from slabjacking services.

General information about demolition/replacement of concrete services:
Demolition of concrete is the process of removing damaged or cracked concrete, as well as poor subgrade material. All debris from such demolition will be removed from the site, unless otherwise stated in the bid. Replacement of concrete includes import of new aggregate to create a new subgrade that lacks voids and is compacted. Then new concrete is placed to specifications agreed upon by the client. (These specifications include but are not limited to, concrete depth, reinforcement, and finish detail.) Company is NOT responsible for any damage to private lines, plumbing or sprinkler line damage or damage to other unmarked underground improvements that could occur during the demolition or replacement process. In large areas, such as driveway panels, Company will call in a no charge utility locate, but they are not responsible for any unmarked lines ever. In addition, Company is NOT responsible for any damage to surrounding or attached siding, brick, mortar, framing, drywall and landscaping that occurs during concrete demolition or replacement services.

Information about concrete demolition:
When demolishing concrete, it is not possible to tell how deep the existing concrete is, or if it is reinforced or not. For that reason, all estimates include tearing out concrete that is 4" thick and is free of any reinforcement. This represents the majority of concrete that is torn out. However, if concrete is thicker than 4" thick, has reinforcement or subgrade needs to be over excavated due to subgrade issues unseen from the surface, this will lead to extra tear out charges. When removing tree roots to an otherwise healthy tree, we do our best to maintain the integrity of the tree, however we are not liable if the tree, or part of it, eventually suffers or dies. If we move forward with root removal, it means that from what we can see above the ground, the tree on your property seems well anchored. However, if we feel once we have removed the root that there is a danger of the tree falling and harming you or your property, we will call in a tree service and have it evaluated and possibly removed. This work would be charged separately as a service from tree service but first approved by you. If in this case, you chose to keep the tree after being advised otherwise, you retain all responsibility for any damage or injury the tree may cause.

New concrete information:
Freshly poured concrete can remain wet for several days. We recommend that you do not drive anything on it or place personal belongings back in the space before 72 hours after pouring. When freshly poured, concrete is darker, and then will lighten and cure with time. This could cause spaces where colors vary for the first few weeks. This is normal. For stamped jobs, or jobs with added restoration/sealing detail, concrete sealer can make the stamped concrete slippery when wet. Company is not responsible for any slips and falls on concrete. When replacing a small portion of an existing concrete project, please know that an exact match is nearly impossible. New concrete will always look more fresh than old concrete and this is out of our control. We do our best to find the best match for your project. Ground conditions and the Washington's winter freeze thaw cycles can cause heaving during the winter months. When the ground thaws, the concrete should return to normal height in warmer months. We do not cover heaving damage under this warranty and cannot guarantee that the freeze/ thaw cycle will not have an effect on the new concrete. Due to external forces (e.g., ice and snow removal, ice melt and other chemicals) the warranty does not cover flaking, spalling, or peeling of the surface of the concrete. We recommended that the homeowner not use any de-icing salts or chemicals on concrete and maintains a proper seal to prevent against this type of damage. Sometimes there can be small holes in the concrete that are not covered by warranty. Most of the time this is caused when a piece of the aggregate mixed into the concrete has gotten loose on the surface and popped out. This is nothing to worry about as it does not damage the integrity of the slab.

New concrete clean-up process:
Concrete clean-up includes removing forms, stakes, concrete splatters to the best of our ability, wheelbarrows, trash, and any other tools or mess that is caused by Company. We do our best to keep the jobsite as clean as possible every day. Concrete clean-up will take place within one week after the pour. We almost never pick up the jobsite the day of the pour to avoid causing any damage on the newly placed concrete. If this is an issue please contact Companydirectly and they’ll make arrangements prior to the pour if possible. In the event that there are concrete splatters on a house, fence, or any personal belongings let Company know as soon as possible. In most cases almost all splatters can be cleaned off with a pressure washer. Plastic protections are placed on surrounding areas that are at high risk.

48-Hour Cancellation Policy; Other Cancellation Charges:
By signing below, customer acknowledges responsibility for 50% of contract total if work is cancelled within 48 hours of date scheduled for work to be performed. If a concrete demolition or replacement job requires more than three calendar days on the schedule, any change of the schedule must be reported to Company at least 10 days prior to the start date of the job. If a schedule change occurs with less notice than 10 days, Company, reserves the right to charge a minimum of $500.00 a day for everyday of lost work, plus any accrued fees by other suppliers. (this bill is passed onto the client.) This decision is made on a case by case basis.


Slabjacking Payment Terms:
Payment in full is due seven (7) days after completion of the work. (Corporate accounts are due 30 days after completion of the work.)

Concrete Payment Terms:
We will collect a 50% upfront deposit for all work. This must be paid in order to be put on the schedule. And the final payment (remaining 50%, along with any change order charges approved) is due on the day of concrete pour. Any cleanup (if included in a full price bid) will take place within a week of the pour date.

Notice To Customer:
Slabjack NW, LLC is registered with the State of Washington, Registration No. SLABJN*943L1 as a Specialty Contractor and has posted with the state a bond or cash deposit of $6,000 for Specialty Bond for the purpose of satisfying claims against the contractor for negligent or improper work or breach of contract in the conduct of the contractor's business. THIS BOND OR DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE SUFFICIENT TO COVER A CLAIM WHICH MIGHT ARISE FROM THE WORK DONE UNDER YOUR CONTRACT. This bond or deposit is not for your exclusive use because it covers all work performed by this contractor. The bond or deposit is intended to pay valid claims up to $6,000 that you and other customers, suppliers, subcontractors, or taxing authorities may have. FOR GREATER PROTECTION YOU MAY WITHHOLD A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR CONTRACT. You may withhold a contractually defined percentage of your construction contract as retainage for a stated period of time to provide protection to you and help insure that your project will be completed as required by your contract.

Your Property May Be Liened:
If Slabjack NW, LLC is not paid for it’s services and materials your property may be liened to force payment and you could pay twice for the same work.
FOR ADDITIONAL PROTECTION YOU MAY REQUEST THE CONTRACTOR TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ORIGINAL "LIEN RELEASE" DOCUMENTS FROM EACH SUPPLIER OR SUBCONTRACTOR ON YOUR PROJECT. Slabjack NW, LLC is required to provide you with further information about lien release documents if you request it. General information is also available from the Department of Labor and Industries.

Pre-claim Lien Notice:
In performing the work described in this Agreement, the Company will be furnishing materials, supplies, equipment, and labor to the Customer. If the Customer's account remains unpaid, a mechanics' and materialmens' lien may be claimed for all materials, supplies, equipment, and labor provided. If the Customer is not the Owner of the property, the Customer represents and warrants that the Customer has the express authority of the Owner to enter into this Agreement.

Unpaid Accounts:
If the Customer does not pay the balance when due, then the unpaid account will bear interest of twelve percent (12%) per annum, or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is higher. If the account is placed with an attorney for collection, the Customer will pay all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney fees of collection.

Additional Work:
Any additional materials, supplies, equipment, or work not detailed in the Agreement for the work or the original scope of work will be added to the final bill or a change order.

Owner's Responsibilities:
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer and Owner are responsible for any and all permits required for the work to be performed and governmental inspections of the work. The Customer and Owner are responsible to ‘locate’ and ‘mark’ all utilities and private lines including but not limited to electrical, water, sewer, cable, gas, irrigation, etc. In order to maintain the integrity of the repaired concrete slabs, the Customer and Owner shall direct downspouts away from the repaired slabs, keep gutters in working order and ensure expansion joints adjacent to repaired slabs are fully functional. For the first few days, it is the owners responsibility to keep things like foliage, pets, and large vehicles off their freshly poured concrete.

Work Delays:
Unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing, any estimate of a date or time for completion of the work cannot be guaranteed. Many factors are beyond the control of the Company, including weather conditions, unavailability of materials, labor strikes, and other events. The Company is not responsible for any delay caused by events beyond the Company's control.

Terms Of Estimate:

Any estimate provided is good for only thirty (30) days.
Warranty for concrete demolition and replacement:
Subject to this agreement, concrete demolition and replacement work comes with a 1-year structural warranty directly from Company. Any warranty claims will be handled directly with them through written notice. Company will provide a warranty description to each client as work begins. This warranty will be void or non-applicable if a client opts out of any reinforcement/concrete depth suggestions given by Company. Work must be paid in full before any warranty applies.

Warranty Claims - Limitation of Liability:
Except as expressly stated elsewhere in this agreement, Company disclaims any express or implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Company’s maximum liability under any legal theory, including tort, breach of warranty, or breach of contract, shall be limited to a refund of the contract price. Under no circumstances shall Company be liable for any consequential or incidental damages including, but not limited to, lost profits. Any warranty claims must be made in writing to Company, and Company shall have the option to repair work performed and replace materials provided, or refund the Customer’s money.

Plumbing and Utilities:
Company is not responsible for any claim for damages arising directly or indirectly relating to utility lines, private lines, plumbing or drainage issues in connection with the work proposed and provided by Slabjack NW, LLC. This includes but is not limited to the electrical, water, sewer, gas, cable, irrigation, blockage of waste lines and downspouts as well as the redirecting of water flow resulting from the raising and or adjusting of concrete flatwork. By accepting this proposal, the Customer and Owner agrees to indemnity and hold Company harmless from any claims, suits or actions arising out of or in connection with plumbing or drainage issues more particularly described above. If an unmarked personal sprinkler line is hit by a stake or machine during a demo and replace job, and is easily fixable, Company may be able to repair the line at a time and material rate. (Time rate for these Jobs will be $50/hr. Plus any material costs.) If a repair is too large or out of knowledge scope for Company’s team, the client will be advised to contact a specialized company at their own expense.

Collection Costs and Interest:
If Company is required to commence legal action to enforce its rights under this agreement, it shall be awarded its reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and legal expenses. Any amount to be paid hereunder that is not paid when due shall bear interest at a rate of one percent (1%) per month.

Amendment and Modification:
This agreement may be amended, modified or supplemented only by the written agreement of all parties.

Entire Agreement:
This agreement sets forth the complete and final agreement of you and Company. All prior discussions are merged into this agreement. There are no promises or representations other than those set forth in this agreement.

No Waiver:
Failure on the part of either party to complain of any action or non-action of the other party shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any rights under this agreement. No waiver of any of the provisions of this agreement shall be deemed to be a waiver of other provisions of this agreement, and a waiver at any time of the provisions of this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver at any subsequent time of the same provisions.

Force Majeure:
No party will be responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, or accidents.

This agreement may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument. Counterparts may be signed electronically and delivered via facsimile, electronic mail, or other transmission method and any counterpart so delivered shall be deemed to have been duly and validly delivered and be valid and effective for all purposes.


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